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On the occasion of the EuroModel's exhibition, which in 2022 will host Quai Zéro, the biennial event of the Cercle du Zéro, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary, the UDCM, organizer of EuroModel's, Le Cercle du Zéro and Redutex are organizing a diorama competition.

Subject of the competition:

A: Large scale:

To create a diorama that can be transported in a private vehicle, at a scale of between 1/35, 1/43 and 1/64. The central theme of the diorama will be a dwelling, a building, an industrial building, a playlet or other, representative of the habitat of the chosen region, using at least 4 different references of Redutex self-adhesive textures. The building(s) or edifice(s) may be a total or partial representation of a real or imagined building, the only criterion being the affirmation of the typicality of the chosen region. The textures used, at the director's discretion, can be diverted from their reference scale, reworked or given a patina; they serve as a relief support for the production. If the amateur does not find the precise textures he intends to use in the sales outlets selling the brand, he can order them on the Redutex website.

The amateur (or the club) who wishes to compete chooses his theme, his region, his possible country and the environment of his diorama, he will propose with his work one or several photographs of the real style of the habitat (in the broad sense) that he wishes to represent. He/she must present his/her work at EuroModel's which will take place on 24 and 25 September 2022 in Châtellerault. He may do so personally or by delegating his work to another exhibitor who will be his representative. The works presented must never have been described in specialised magazines or presented at a previous exhibition.

A jury composed of representatives of the Cercle du Zéro, Redutex, the partners and the organisation will vote anonymously for each of the works indicated by a stick and a number on the exhibition. The jury is sovereign. The jury's scores will be added up to determine the winners.

B: Other scales:

The same competition is open in a second category for amateurs of scales between 1/72 and 1/220. This competition is strictly the same, as are the prizes.


The prizes will be for each of the two categories (A and B)

Redutex will offer the winners:

  • The Golden Talent: and 30 Redutex Textures, of which a maximum of 15 polychrome textures (several printing colours) to be ordered from the brand's catalogue from the manufacturer, they will be sent free of charge.
  • The Silver Talent: and 20 Redutex Textures, of which a maximum of 10 polychrome textures (several printing colours) can be ordered from the brand's catalogue and sent free of charge.
  • The Bronze Talent: and 10 Redutex Textures, of which a maximum of 5 polychrome textures (several printing colours) can be ordered from the brand's catalogue and sent free of charge.

The Futuroscope will offer each winner a pack of 2 tickets for the Park.

LR Presse, LR modélisme will offer each winner a 100 € voucher to be used on the website: .

Train Miniature Magazine/Modelspoormagazine, will offer to the Belgian or Dutch winning Talents a one year subscription to the magazine.

Each winner will also be offered a book by his or her publisher, published exclusively for the show: MKD, la Passion du Décor.

The announcement of the winners and the awarding of the prizes will take place on the TV set or on the podium of the Show on Sunday at 5 pm.
Competitors agree to allow the competition partners to use photos of their creations on websites, press or other media.
Entries should be made to the UDCM EuroModel's (
indicating the scale used, EuroModel's will issue a registration number to the candidate.

Some examples outside the competition

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