On the occasion of the EuroModel's exhibition in September 2022, which hosted, Quai Zéro (Platform Zero), the biennial event of the Cercle du Zéro, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, the UDCM, the organizing entity of EuroModel's, the Cercle du Zéro and Redutex organized a modeling competition. 

The winners of the Model Making contest are:

Category A in scales between 1/35, 1/43 and 1/64: 

The Golden Talent: M. Pichon Aubry

Silver Talent: M. Prédhomme Didier

Bronze Talent: M. Touchard Alain

Category B in scales between 1/72 and 1/220: 

The Golden Talent: M. Hervé Leclerc

The Silver Talent: M. Constantini Christophe

The Bronze Talent: M. Tirant Philippe


Awards are for each of the two categories (A and B).

Redutex gave the winners:

The Golden Talent: 30 Redutex Textures.

The Silver Talent: 20 Redutex Textures.

Bronze Talent: 10 Redutex Textures.

Futuroscope gave each winner a 2-pack of tickets to the Park.

LR Presse, LR modélisme gave each winner a €100 voucher to use on the website: trains.lrpresse.com .

Train Miniature Magazine/Modelspoormagazine, gave the winning Belgian or Dutch talents a one-year subscription to the magazine.

In addition, each winner received a book from their publisher, published exclusively for the show: MKD, la Passion du Décor.

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